Some German literature books you should read at least once in your lifetime

Reading is an act that has been passed over centuries, reading helps the mind to fully develop, it exposes one to information that leads to critical reasoning. Through reading, information is being transmitted. A book can hold and keep all kinds of information, thoughts, stories, emotions, experiences advice and much more. Reading helps to reduce stress, fight depression symptoms, improve brain functionality etc.

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A literature book is a kind of book that is written with distinctive prose and authorial voice, literatures are written by authors. There are different types of literature and these are

  • Drama: This involves different characters on stage who performs the author’s written drama based on their own personality.
  • Epic: This is a story with different episodes, it is mainly about how heroes triumphed over trials and tribulation
  • Lyric: These are books written based on the author’s experiences, it includes another short form of poetry.

Must read German Literature Books

German literature is rich in German crafted stories, so many people have contributed to German literature works. We can’t talk about German literature without mentioning the father of German literature Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who is one of the many inspiring authors.

1.    1912 – Else Lasker-Schüler: ‘My Heart’

This is a beautiful novel based on love and a failed marriage, it is a novel that is thought-provoking, unconventional and also playful. It is about a self-reliant woman who left a particular era of her life to start afresh.

2.    1995 – Bernhard Schlink: ‘The Reader’

The Reader, a literature that talks about the effect of the holocaust on the post-war generation and the struggle to come to term with the past. This book is listed 14th amongst the must-read book in Germany.

3.    2000 – Elke Schmitter: ‘Mrs. Sartoris’  

This is a classy story of adultery, it’s about the protagonist Mrs Sartoris, who was tired of her monotonic married life and wanted more to it. She fell into adultery which later ended in tragedy.

4.    2004 – Ralf Rothmann: ‘Young Light’  

Young Light is written by an award-winning author of novels and stories Ralf Rothann. The story is about the daily life of a 12-year-old, boredom, pubescent and hunger for new discovery.

5.    2008 – Jenny Erpenbeck: ‘Visitation’

This is a story about home, and also the history of Germany in a constructive way. It is the search for Heimat, which also translates to home. The Visitation is highly celebrated as the novel of the century.

6.    2010 – Wolfgang Herrndorf: ‘Why We Took The Car’

This story is about two adolescents whom nobody invites to parties because people didn’t think they were cool. During the summer holiday, the two set out for an adventure to find their own lives.  This story talks about the beauty of every moment.

7.    2016 – Philipp Winkler: ‘Hooligan’

Philipp Winkler narrates a beautiful story about hooligans and their world, the story also focuses on unending love, devotion and steadfastness.

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